Family Scuba Diving Fun

One of our favorite activities to participate in during our cruises is scuba diving. Indonesia is one of the top destinations in the world for diving. It also boasts the highest fish count in the ocean. People flock to Indonesia from all over the world specifically to dive in the warm tropical waters found throughout the country. Family scuba diving is a great way for the both adults and kids to have fun together.

Scuba Diving in Komodo

Scuba diving is a fun activity for the whole family and there is no better time to try it than during a private family cruise. Our on board crew loves introducing people to the underwater world. The first step to exploring the coral reef is via what is called a “Discover Scuba” dive. This means that an instructor will give a short briefing on how basic scuba equipment works. After that, the instructor will take the new diver on a short introduction dive on the reef. Of course this won’t be deep and our instructor is always beside you in case of discomfort.

Family Scuba Diving Activity

Family Scuba Diving Activity

The greatest thing about diving is it’s an easy activity that almost everyone in the family can enjoy. 10 years old is the minimum age for diving and kids are often the most eager ones to try. The best step for any member of the family is to try a “discover scuba” dive first before committing to the Open Water dive course. One popular way of getting certified is to participate in the theory and pool sessions at home before coming to the boat. This means not having to do boring homework while on holiday. Once on the boat, our staff can complete the ocean dives to finish the certification.

The best thing about a private family trip on the Samata is that our staff will plan the day around the activities you want to do. Oftentimes, several members of the family are already certified divers while others are not. With the ease of our flexible schedule, we can easily plan the day to take the certified divers to a world class site. We then concentrate on training the non certified divers while the others enjoy other activities. Once the certification process is finished, all members of the family can enjoy diving together! Scuba diving truly is an activity that every member of the family loves to do together.

Memorable Moments

Family Scuba Diving

What better way to remember your once in a lifetime holiday on a private yacht than with a few underwater photos? We have underwater cameras onboard that can capture the beautiful marine life of Indonesia. Make your friends at home envious of your experience when you show them photographs of sharks and rays. Our guides are happy to bring the camera with them to capture photos of the family underwater. Underwater videos are also a great way to show how the marine world looks for your friends and relatives back home.

Although we offer a host of different activities on board, nothing says “family time” like a great dive. From the time getting ready, to the boat ride back and forth to the dive site, the whole family is involved. This is what family holidays are all about! Spending quality time with loved ones while enjoying an adventure on a private yacht. The Samata offers private trips aboard the vessel throughout the year. Our private boat policy means you enjoy all of our facilities and we work with you to create the best schedule for your family each and every day.

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