Month: August 2021
Exciting Adventure
2 weeks ago

Bali Exciting Adventures

Bali Exciting Adventures! Bali is a well known paradise island. Travelers from near and far come to Indonesia specifically to explore the “Island of the Gods”. Our guests on Samata love to spend time on this incredible island before or after a cruise. The island is well known for its ancient culture and innumerable temples …

Black Macaque in a Tree
1 month ago

Celebes Crested Macaques

Indonesia is home to many incredible animals. Due to it’s geographical presence between the Asian and Australian plates, Indonesian flora and fauna have a unique evolution. During the last ice age, the deep seas between Borneo and Sulawesi and Sulawesi and Papua acted as barriers to animal migration. These two dividing lines: the Wallace Line …

2 months ago

Indonesia – World Class Surfing

The ocean is a playground for many. It offers such a large variety of different activities it’s easy to spend all day in its embrace. One of the most popular ocean sports is surfing. Of course it’s a lot nicer to spend the day surfing when the water is warm. Indonesia straddles the equator and …