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Monkeys and Marsupials
1 week ago

Monkeys and Marsupials – Indonesia

An interesting phenomena occurs in Indonesia in regards to the animal life found in the country. Have you ever heard of the Wallace Line? What about the Weber Line or the Lydekker Line? Most people would answer no to these questions. What if I was to mention that all of the above names belong to …

Diving Raja Ampat Fish
3 weeks ago

Scuba Diving Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth. With hundreds of mushroom shaped islands spread over thousands of square kilometres, there is so much variety to explore. The beaches and snorkeling sites in the area are wonderful attractions but one of the main highlights is scuba diving Raja Ampat. Diving Raja Ampat …

Padar Island View
4 weeks ago

Padar Island – Gem of Komodo

Every tourist destination has a list of top adventures to enjoy while on location. The Komodo National Park is special as it has many different ones to choose from. One way to tell how popular a certain activity can be is to search for it on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social …