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Batu Bolong
3 days ago

Batu Bolong – Bucket List Dive Site

Indonesia is home to an amazing variety of dive sites. With its location at the heart of the “Coral Triangle”, Indonesia boasts a wide variety of fish and coral. We cruise in areas that are known world wide as some of the top diving destinations around. Although diving is only one of the activities we …

Ternate and Tidore Volcanoes
2 weeks ago

Volcanoes – Indonesia Ring of Fire

Indonesia is one of the most volcanically active regions on Earth. Making up the SW region of the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, there are more than 130 active or dormant volcanoes in the country. With recent active in the Canary Islands, Iceland, and Hawaii it’s a good time to look more in depth into the …

Wayag Lagoon
3 weeks ago

Wayag Peaks – Adventurous Views

When heading out on an adventure, there is always a climax to look forward to. In Indonesia, we are blessed with so many adventures to explore there is always a new one around every corner. In Raja Ampat, it’s hard to choose the climax of adventure as every activity in the area is so impressive. …