New Four Day Adventure Itinerary

The Samata is happy to announce a new itinerary that will be available starting in April 2023. Our new four day adventure itinerary is the perfect luxury cruise for visitors to Bali. As more people are looking to explore what is beyond Bali we are excited to introduce this new itinerary. We believe our new three night/four day adventure itineraries are a great way to experience more of what Indonesia has to offer.

Satonda Island Four Day Adventure

Please read our official Four Day Adventure press release:

Samata Liveaboard has been at the forefront of luxury yacht charters in Indonesia since 2006, offering a one-of-kind, personalized yacht experience on top of its lavishly designed decks. Beginning in 2023, the renowned yacht will be offering short, convenient three-night cruises from Bali with stops at the Gili Islands and North Lombok before reaching Moyo Island and the Northwest Sumbawa Islands.“This three night/four-day itinerary is fantastic for guests on holiday in Bali to add something special to their trip without having to take flights or lose valuable time traveling somewhere else,” explains Michael Click, Samata Liveaboard Director.

“Guests can spend time shopping, diving or snorkeling at the stunning Gili Islands during the day, before enjoying a marvelous diving and snorkeling experience and making a trek to a picturesque waterfall in Moyo Island, our latest coveted destination, at night, where BBQ set dinner will be served on the island’s remote sandy beach as the yacht anchors overnight in the calm waters of Saleh Bay.” The following morning, guests can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with gentle whale sharks, long known as the fishermen’s friends, followed by a stop at Satonda Island, where more diving, snorkeling, and trekking may take place.

“We provide our guests with guided diving or snorkeling sessions with the help of our experienced instructors,” adds Click. “Guests that take pleasure in water sports can also use our wide range of equipment, including wakeboarding, kayaking, water skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and even an inflatable donut for kids. Diving courses are available upon request as well.”

Four Day Adventure Itinerary

These three night / four day adventure cruises visit the most interesting spots in the area. Here we delve a little more into each destination:

The Gili Islands

Trawangan, Meno, and Air are three small islands located off the north west corner of Lombok. These world famous islands are the perfect tropical getaway. Ringed with beaches and surrounded by coral reefs, they offer a wonderful spot to discover the marine life of Indonesia. These islands are a hotspot for turtles. Snorkeling or diving in the warm, calm waters here will be a highlight of every trip. Learn more about Endangered Sea Turtles on our blog.

Green Turtle Four Day Adventure
Green Turtle

Moyo Island

Moyo is a beautiful island situated on the north west point of Sumbawa. This sparsely populated island is home to wonderful waterfalls and a variety of snorkeling and diving opportunities. The colorful reefs of the surrounding waters is are some of the most spectacular in Indonesia. If you would like to know more about the island of Moyo please read our Moyo Island Destination feature.

Moyo Waterfall
Moyo Waterfall

The Whalesharks of Saleh Bay

Saleh Bay has long been an unexplored area of Sumbawa. This large deep water bay has only recently become a tourist destination due to the presence of whale sharks. These gentle giants live in the bay all year round and are attracted to the fishing activity in the bay. The fishermen fish at night and on most every night the sharks show up to eat the plankton that gathers around the powerful lights. The presence of these sharks is an incredible opportunity for our guests to swim with the largest fish in the sea!

Read more about whalesharks on our blog.

Whale Shark Encounters

Satonda Island

Satonda is a unique island nestled off the north coast of Sumbawa under the shadow of Mt Tambora. This volcanic island features a unique crater lake that fills the majority of the island. The flat water inside the lake is perfect for paddleboarding! For those who are looking for more activity it’s possible to walk to a panoramic view atop the crater. There is no shortage of activities in Satonda, read more about it on our Satonda Island Destination Spotlight article.

Satonda Island

We are sure that our guests will love these four day adventure cruises which showcase the best encounters the area has to offer. As the cruise begins and ends in Bali, there are no domestic flights to worry about. This means a trip on the Samata Luxury Yacht will be a seamless addition to any Bali holiday. If you would like more information about our schedule then please feel free to contact us today!

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