Padar Island – Gem of Komodo

Padar Island Viewpoint at Sunset

Every tourist destination has a list of top adventures to enjoy while on location. The Komodo National Park is special as it has many different ones to choose from. One way to tell how popular a certain activity can be is to search for it on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and it showcases photography. A simple search for Komodo on the site brings up many pictures of dragons but the second most common photo is a beautiful view of Padar Island.

Where is Padar Island?

Padar Island beach activity

The Komodo National Park is made up of 3 large islands surrounded by dozens of smaller ones. The two largest islands are Komodo and Rinca followed by the smaller Padar. Padar is unique as it’s home to a beautiful calm bay on the east side and buffeted by strong currents on the west. The island is ringed with kilometers of beautiful white sand beaches on all sides. Shallow coral gardens front many of these beaches which makes Padar one of the best destinations in the park for a day on the beach.

Hard Coral Reef

With it’s location in the central part of the park and a large, sheltered bay, it’s a perfect night anchorage. It has easy access to both the northern and southern reaches of Komodo, so it’s great starting point on any morning. There are several great dive sites on the east side of the island and beautiful snorkeling throughout.

The Lookout

Although there are a myriad of sites to enjoy on the island, the main highlight is the view from the top. The southern reaches of Padar consist of beautiful peaks rising hundreds of meters from the sea. In recent years the park authority has developed a wonderful walking path to the top of one of these peaks. The walk itself is easy with stable foot and well constructed paths but can be tiring as the route is somewhat steep. Be sure that you are in shape and bring plenty of water. This peak offers a wonderful view over the entire island with it’s variety of beaches. This walk is best done either before sunset or just after sunrise. Not only will this help avoid the heat of the day, it also provides the best light for photography.

Aerial view of Padar Island

Padar is certainly worth a day or even two during a Komodo cruise. The stunning scenic landscapes combined with beautiful beaches and great coral means action packed days. The panoramic lookout is only the icing on the cake of a wonderful location we enjoy sharing with all of our guests.

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