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Pink Beach Komodo
6 days ago

Pink Beach Komodo Island – Why is it Pink?

Why Is Pink Beach Pink? The Komodo National Park is world-famous for its dragons and scuba diving.  Visitors from the world over travel to Indonesia to visit this “New 7 Wonders of the Natural World” destination.  Of course, getting the chance to photograph dragons is the top of most visitors wish list. However, visiting Pink …

Bali Rice Fields
2 weeks ago

Bali – An Amazing Destination

Bali – An Amazing Destination to Visit Before Your Private Cruise Traveling across the globe can be an exhausting experience.  With long air travel and airport transits, you often arrive on holiday more tired than when you left home!  When flying to remote destinations such as the Komodo National Park, we think it’s a great …

Snorkelling in Komodo Manta
3 weeks ago

Snorkelling in Komodo National Park

Unique Snorkelling in Komodo National Park   Snorkeling in Komodo National Park is one of the most exciting activities in Indonesia. Although dragons and scuba diving garner the headlines, snorkelling in Komodo is a world-class attraction.  What makes snorkelling in this area unique? What will I see while snorkelling in Komodo? Is snorkeling a safe …