Top Five Experiences Komodo National Park

Every great tourism destination in the world has a list of must visit sites. Many are easy to name such as the Pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, or Louvre in France. Many travelers create lists of the things they want to see when visiting a particular destination and often these lists are based on popular media offerings. However, often times popular media can misrepresent the top sites in a destination based on information that is many years old. Quite often these “must visit sites” end up being overly populated tourist traps. Therefore, it’s always best to check with locals and frequent visitors what their “top attractions” are in their area of expertise. In keeping with this spirit, we offer our “Top Five Experiences in the Komodo National Park”.

Snorkeling in Batu Monco

Top Five Komodo Snorkeling
Family Snorkeling

Indonesia is at the heart of the Coral Triangle. This means it’s home to more species of fish and coral than anywhere else in the world. What is the best way to see this rich diversity? By grabbing a mask and snorkel of course! The absolute best coral gardens in Komodo lie in the bay of Monco at the northern end of Komodo Island. The coral starts shallow here with these incredible colonies of animals growing mere centimeters below the surface. For families there is perhaps no better activity than spending time in the water discovering the wonders of nature. Discovery dozens of species of tropical fish with your kids should be high on every parent’s wish list. The warm, calm waters of Batu Monco Bay are the ultimate spot in Komodo to enjoy it.

Enjoying a Private Beach

Top Five Private Beach
Private Beach

One of the requisite experiences when sailing on a private yachts is spending quality time on the beach. With an abundance of beautiful beaches in the Komodo area, we prefer to take our guests to beaches without a crowd. Many visitors to the park tend to visit the famous beaches due to their proximity to the Ranger Stations. However, with a private yacht, we have the entire region within reach. Our favorite beaches are in areas much less traveled than the ones within reach from Labuan Bajo. Not only are the beaches private, the sand has a beautiful pink tone and are fronted by beautiful coral reefs.

Swimming with Manta Rays

Top Five Experiences Manta Ray
Reef Manta Ray

There is nothing quite like an up close and personal encounter with wild megafauna. It’s even better when the wild animal is not only a giant but a gentle one. There is possibly no animal in the sea more majestic than a manta ray. These filter feeders can reach more than 5 meters across, yet they have no tooth or barbed tail. We can find manta rays in several places throughout Komodo and we often find them feeding at the surface. When manta rays are feeding on plankton, this is the best time to jump in the water to observe them up close. With mouths agape these majestic animals glide through the water in groups and are not bothered by respectful swimmers who keep distance.

Watching Thousands of Bats at Sunset

Bats at Sunset Top Five Experience
Flying Foxes

Like many of the top attractions in Komodo, this one involves wildlife. What looks like an unassuming small mangrove island during the day becomes a star attraction at sunset. A large population of thousands of flying foxes take shelter in the mangrove trees throughout the day. However, as the sun begins to set these large nocturnal mammals waken from their slumber and begin a journey to the mainland in search of food. This nightly migration is a true wonder to behold. Literally thousands of bats launch from the trees and slowly fly en masse over the Samata which is anchored nearby. This sunset show is a great opportunity to enjoy a cocktail on the top deck while watching one of nature’s most epic migrations.

Enter the Dragon

Top Five Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon

Of course no journey to the Komodo National Park is complete without encountering the world famous dragon. While most visitors will only see these primitive looking reptiles at the Rinca Ranger Station, we know a few secret locations as well. Seeing these ancient beings in the wild is truly an eye opening experience. With several ranger stations throughout the park boundaries, we often visit the ones less traveled. Experienced rangers are important people to have around when encountering dragons. Having an up close and personal experience away from the crowds at the main ranger stations is the best way to see these modern day dinosaurs.

What Top Five Experiences Do You Want to Explore?

Of course there are many other activities and experiences to be had while cruising in Komodo. Our list of favourites could easily make a top 20 or top 50 list as well! If you would like to experience this incredible part of the world for yourself, please get in touch. 2021 will be an amazing time to explore this special corner of Indonesia, why not enjoy it on your own private yacht?


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