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Private Charter Samata
2 months ago

Private Charter Experience

If you are reading this article you are probably thinking about chartering a private yacht. The Samata Luxury Phinisi is a special boat in Indonesia exclusively available for private trips. You may have a few questions about the yachting experience such as: “What exactly is chartering a yacht all about?”, “How do the days work?”, …

Whale Shark Encounters
3 months ago

Whale Sharks – Giants of the Deep

“Shark! Shark! There are sharks in the water!” For some, hearing this spoken by the Cruise Director on a yacht may evoke visions of fear and dread. It may even send people running to their room! But when you hear it being said on the Samata, it means you should come running! We have spotted …

Banda Islands Harbour History of Indonesia
3 months ago

Banda Islands – Living History

One of the interesting things about Indonesia is the long history of the country. From ancient Buddhist and Hindu empires to the scene of bloody battles in WWII, Indonesia has a rich tale to tell. Most visitors to the country are unaware of the history of the country and how it came to be. Although …