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Mating Dance
2 months ago

Bird Watching Indonesia – Birds of Paradise

Did you know that many of the tourists who travel to Indonesia (outside of Bali) come for one of two reasons? One group are the scuba divers and the second group are birders! Birders (or Twitchers as they are often called) are an adventurous group of people who love tracking their favorite animals. Of course …

Jellyfish Lakes
3 months ago

Jellyfish Lakes – Magical Evolution

What do you think about swimming in a lake full of jellyfish? For many people even the thought of being in the water with one jellyfish is too much. There is no way they would ever jump into a lake full of them! Or is there? What if we were to tell you that the …

Bali Rice Terraces
3 months ago

Rice Terraces Bali

One attraction that every visitor to Bali notices is the vast tracts of rice terraces throughout the island. When the crops are in season, their vibrant green offers wonderful photographic opportunities. However, the Balinese rice fields are far more than just a food crop. In fact, the famous rice terraces form the basis of one …