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Spice Trade Indonesia
1 month ago

A Brief History of Indonesia Part II

This is a continuation of the A Short History of Indonesia that we presented in our last chapter. In that article, we discussed the origins of humankind in the the archipelago and continued through the classic Buddhist and Hindu Empires. We ended with the rise of Islam and the creation of Sultanates in Java. Please …

2 months ago

A Brief History of Indonesia (Part One)

The Samata is an Indonesian flagged vessel that is based in Indonesia. We love to share this amazing country with our guests week in and week out (in normal times!). The beautiful and diverse nature and geography is truly wonderful to behold. However, nature is only one part of the Indonesian experience. The other part …

Photographing Bats
2 months ago

Bats – True Indonesian Mammal

One of the most interesting aspects of Indonesia is the vast amount of wildlife to be found. Orangutans and tigers are probably the most famous inhabitants of this large country of 17,000 islands. With such a large number of islands spread over a large area, there is a seemingly never ending variety of fauna. One …