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Shark Silhouette
2 months ago

Encountering Beautiful Sharks – Indonesia

Sharks – The King of the Reef The true kings of the ocean, sharks are possibly the most misunderstood animal on the planet. Many folks have a deep rooted fear of these amazing creatures, mainly due to their poor treatment by media and Hollywood. However, there is no reason to be afraid of most sharks …

Indonesian Food
3 months ago

Cooking Indonesian Food

Learn to Cook Indonesian Food One of the best things about visiting Indonesia is the opportunity to eat incredible Indonesian food. Indonesian cuisine has a never ending variety of tasty dishes that are easy to make. As Indonesia is based in South East Asia, it’s known for spicy dishes, but of course not every dish …

Spinner Dolphin
3 months ago

Encountering Dolphins Indonesia

Dolphins are on the top of the bucket list when it comes to ocean encounters. Who can resist the smiling face of these practical jokers? It’s hard to imagine a more special encounter on the ocean than with a dolphin. Encountering Dolphins in Indonesia The most common species of dolphin that we encounter is the …