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Komodo Dragon
1 month ago

Komodo Dragon – Here Be Dragons

In medieval times, as European mariners began the age of exploration a Latin phrase was used to refer to unexplored areas. The ominous phrase “Here be Dragons” became synonymous with unknown monsters. Ironically, as more of the world was explored no dragons were found…except for one small area of the world. Do you know where …

Batu Monco Komodo
2 months ago

Batu Monco – Beautiful Anchorages Indonesia

One of the most important aspects of any journey on a private yacht is finding a beautiful anchorage. On the Samata we cruise the Indonesian Archipelago exclusively and therefore know many quiet and secluded spots. The Komodo National Park is home to some of our favourite anchorages in the country. One such location is the …

Komodo National Park
2 months ago

Komodo National Park – Destination Adventure

The Komodo National Park The Komodo National Park is famous the world over and is even listed as one of the new “7 Natural Wonders of the World”. It’s one of our favorite cruising destinations as it offers a large variety of amazing activities. Cruising the Park on a private yacht is an opportunity of …