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Beautiful Beaches
4 months ago

Beautiful Beaches Indonesia

Everyone loves the beach. For many people, their idea of the perfect holiday is spending hours on a deserted beach with a warm tropical sea to swim in. Thankfully, with 17,000 islands to choose from, Indonesia has a lot of beaches! From white sand, to black sand, and even pink sand, there is always a …

Raja Ampat Wayag
5 months ago

Happy Holidays – Welcome 2022

Happy holidays and welcome to our year end wrap up. It’s season of holidays for many people around the world. It’s also means we are nearing the end of another year. 2021 has certainly been an interesting one for most people, especially for those in the travel industry. Although it wasn’t a year full of …

Walking on an Atoll
6 months ago

Atolls – Special Coral Islands

Indonesia is the worlds largest archipelago. This means it’s a country of thousands of individual islands spread over thousands of kilometers. Although reports vary, the number of islands in the country numbers over 17,000 with around 1000 inhabited islands. The islands measure from big to small, including several of the worlds largest islands. The islands …