Snorkelling in Komodo National Park

Unique Snorkelling in Komodo National Park


Snorkeling in Komodo National Park is one of the most exciting activities in Indonesia. Although dragons and scuba diving garner the headlines, snorkelling in Komodo is a world-class attraction.  What makes snorkelling in this area unique? What will I see while snorkelling in Komodo? Is snorkeling a safe activity for the whole family? Let’s answer these questions while discussing snorkelling in Komodo.

Snorkelling in Komodo

What Makes Snorkelling in Komodo Special?

The Coral Triangle (an area comprising of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea) is home to more species of fish and coral than anywhere on the planet.  Luckily, the Komodo area is situated in the middle of this biographical hotspot! With over 500 species of coral and more than 1000 species of fish, Indonesia has the highest marine biodiversity of all.  The Komodo National Park boasts some of the best places to see this amazing wildlife. As a marine national park, Komodo has been protected from overfishing since the 1980s. This means there are lots of fish and healthy coral to encounter.

The snorkelling in Komodo is varied, a snorkelling trip here is not only swimming atop hard coral reefs.  Although there are dozens of incredible reefs to explore, there are unique encounters as well. The flexibility of chartering a luxury boat such as Samata means you can pick and choose the best snorkelling spots when the conditions are perfect. Let’s look at three of the more unique snorkelling adventures in Komodo.

Swimming with Manta Rays

Snorkelling in Komodo Manta

One of the biggest bucket lists encounters in life is swimming with manta rays.  Mantas are a true gentle giant of the ocean. With wingspans of up to 5 metres, these filter feeders are harmless and feed on plankton.  Their distinctive shape led to the name “devil ray,” however, unlike their cousins, the stingray, mantas don’t have a stinger. There are several areas in Komodo to encounter these magnificent animals, but Makassar Reef is the most consistent.  When the rays are feeding, they will swim slowly back and forth at the surface, making it easy to snorkel with them. It’s pure luxury to be able to encounter these beautiful animals up close and personal. Learn more about swimming with them in our Guidelines for Swimming with Manta Rays.

A Drift Snorkel

Drift Snorkel

Ready to get your adrenaline going? Komodo has vibrant coral reefs due to currents bringing in a steady stream of plankton.  The currents can be quite active in different areas of the park at different times of the day. Thankfully, our knowledgeable staff knows the tides and currents from many years of experience.  Although current can be intimidating to the uninitiated, it’s actually a lot of fun. The best way to enjoy current is to drift along a coral reef with the water pushing you along. A drift snorkel gives the feeling of flight as the corals and fish fly by underneath you.

Sites such as Tatawa Besar, Siaba Kecil, and Makassar Reef are great areas to enjoy this adrenaline rush. Our attentive tender driver will shadow the snorkelers as they drift along as a safety precaution. Once the drift ends and everyone is back on the tender boat, it’s common to go for a few more drifts.

Encountering Turtles

Snorkelling in Komodo

Komodo has possibly the best turtle experiences in Indonesia.  The National Park is a long-standing marine protected area, which protects the turtles from fishermen.  Therefore, the resident turtles don’t see divers or snorkelers as a threat. Both green and hawksbill turtles are found throughout the area.  At Tatawa Besar, Siaba Kecil, and Siaba Besar, turtles are regularly found resting on the bottom. These sites are shallow enough that snorkelers can enjoy a wonderful experience observing these endangered species. There truly is something mind-blowing about watching one of these ancient beings rising to the surface for air.

With the many world-class sites available in Komodo, snorkelling is an activity the whole family will enjoy.  With two tenders available at all times, the Samata provides a safe and enjoyable snorkelling experience for everyone aboard.


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