Bali – An Amazing Destination

Bali – An Amazing Destination to Visit Before Your Private Cruise

Traveling across the globe can be an exhausting experience.  With long air travel and airport transits, you often arrive on holiday more tired than when you left home!  When flying to remote destinations such as the Komodo National Park, we think it’s a great idea to recharge your batteries before jumping on a luxury cruise. That is why we often suggest to our guests to spend a week exploring the incredible island of Bali before joining us on the Samata.

What to Do in Bali?

Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods.” The Balinese people have a special culture they have preserved over countless generations.  Experiencing this special island should be a priority during a trip to Indonesia. Ancient Hindu Temples are spread across the island and religious rituals are a part of daily life.  Balinese people wear their colourful traditional clothes during many ceremonies throughout the year. Travelers who visit during a major festival such as Galungan or Nyepi will witness a glimpse of what makes the island unique. Parades of 100s of local people walk the streets in unison on their way to the local temple.  Ancient temples such as Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, and Goa Lawah are beautiful destinations to visit. One important thing to remember is to be aware of local customs and dress appropriately when visiting temples.

Bali Culture

Where to Stay?

Although the unique culture is on top of the list of what makes Bali a top destination, it’s certainly not the only one.  The Balinese have embraced tourism and truly understand luxury service and accommodation. The list of 5 star hotels on the island is impressive.  With a blend of international flair and Balinese traditional architecture, the range of accommodation is endless. Every international brand from Bulgari to the Ritz Carlton are represented.  What sets their Bali properties apart from the rest of the world is dramatic scenery and unique design. Imagine a private villa perched atop clifftops with a stunning view of the sea. The designers have gone out of their way to create a look that is modern yet with a touch of Balinese spice.  The hills of the southern part of the island boast the most impressive accommodation options.

Activities in Bali

Bali Surfing

Of course there are countless activities besides cultural tours.  One of the most popular is the world class surf. Surfers from around the world flock to the beaches here for famous breaks.  There is surf available throughout the south and west coasts, ranging from beginner to advanced waves. Why not spend a few days with a personal surf coach so the kids can learn from a pro?   Other exciting options include white water rafting, tree top adventures, canyoning, and mountain biking.

There are 3 18 hole golf courses on the island as well. The wonderful Bali National, in the Nusa Dua region, is one of the top rated courses in Bali. With pristine conditions and friendly caddies, 18 holes at this course is a real treat.  Also located in the south is New Kuta golf course. This links style course is spread out over a large area on the west coast and boasts incredible views over the Dreamland beach area. The oldest course on the island, Handara, is a classic design located in the highlands.  Located in the town of Bedugul, this course lies at over 1000m of elevation, which means the climate is perfect for golf. Why not charter a helicopter from Bali Helicopters to play 18 holes at Handara?

Restaurants in Bali

Bali is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. The island is a melting pot of both Asian and Western people and this mix is most notable in the food. World famous Michelin chefs call the island home and have restaurants throughout the island.  Restaurants such as Mozaic, Metis, and Apertif are famous world wide for their incredible culinary delights. Of course it’s also easy to eat inexpensive local food with dozens of small restaurants on almost every street. A true Indonesian warung often dishes up the best dining experience.

With such a variety of hotels, restaurants, and activities to choose from, Bali is an amazing island to spend time on.  If you would like to spend a few days before or after your trip on the Samata please Contact Us. We would be happy to discuss with you possible itineraries to truly make your Indonesian experience the trip of a lifetime. Learn more about traveling in the wonderful country of Indonesia.


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