Why you should consider private yacht travel in Indonesia

Experience the glory of private yacht travel in Indonesia with Samata, a 42-metre Phinisi-styled liveaboard located in the West Papua region of Southeast Asia. This kind of immersive travel experience offers adventure; the chance to reconnect to nature, yourself and loved ones and a healthy balance of splendour and simplicity. 

Private yacht travel in Indonesia is most worthwhile when experienced with friends and family. At Samata, we guarantee the four following experiences during your entirely, customizable journey. 

Private yacht travel in Indonesia offers the ADVENTURE of a lifetime

Seeking an adrenaline rush on your next overseas vacation? Samata is known for facilitating a range of adventurous activities such as diving, trekking, kayaking and SUP in one of the most biodiverse locations in the entire world. 

Raja Ampat, one of our signature destinations, is at the heart of the coral triangle, known for its abundance of life above and below the water. The islands of Raja Amat Indonesia are teeming with birds, reptiles and butterflies amidst its jungles. In a region of active volcanic activity, the earth is rich with minerals and if you’re lucky, you might even witness an eruption – one of the most spectacular shows on earth. 

Private yacht travel in Indonesia is the ultimate act of balance

Samata’s aim is to provide a calm, distraction-free environment for its guests and as such, there is no internet access while aboard the vessel. Distraction serves to remove us from the present; transporting us into the past, future or another world entirely. While cruising Samata, you won’t want to miss a moment of the magic that arises from BEING in Indonesia. 

They say balance is not a state, but constantly created. So, imagine exploding with adrenaline at the infamous Shotgun dive site – one of the best in Komodo then winding down by gazing into the inky skies above from your private deck in awe of the Milky Way. Samata endeavours to blend the right amount of craziness and calm to ensure your experience is nothing but harmonious. 

A meaningful vacation experience is rooted in CONNECTION

Without distraction, we open ourselves up to the opportunity to meaningfully connect to ourselves, others and the natural world around us. It is then, on a visceral level, we begin to know that everything truly is connected. Nature is a wild thing, and in surrendering to her will, you might find yourself face-to-face with a manta ray or witnessing a Minke Whale belly rolling under the boat. Nothing connects humanity more than a shared experience grounded in nature’s wonder. 

Not so long ago, one of our guests on board, a mother from Manhattan, was brought to tears during a trek through a small Indonesian village. One of the ladies from the community came to say hello to us with her baby. She instantly bonded with the with mother from Manhattan and asked her to hold her little one. A deep intimacy was created in that moment through the universal language of motherhood. It is these moments that transcend geography, status and help connect us to something real.

As within so without, SPLENDOUR abounds while cruising Indonesia

Samata compliments the external beauty of Indonesia’s archipelago with natural luxury on board. The experience is designed for beauty and comfort. Relax in the spaciousness of your private cabin; which boasts calming, earthy tones and luxury, natural linens. Drink in the ever changing vistas from the comfort of a daybed on your private, deck.

private yacht travel in Indonesia

Wine and dine on a private beach experiencing the best local produce crafted by our talented chefs. Release tension with daily massages and sink into the splendour of the present moment. 

Samata is known for its completely customizable itineraries. Design your journey to be everything you desire and more. For more information or to make a booking, please connect with us directly at info@samataliveaboard.com. We look forward to seeing you on board soon. 

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