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travel to indonesia
3 months ago


Indonesia is home to some of the world’s most unique cultural, linguistic, and environmental variations in the world. This Southeast Asian nation comprises thousands of volcanic islands, hundreds of ethnic groups each speaking their own language and is home to Komodo dragons, manta rays, elephants, orangutans, tigers, jungles and beaches that epitomize the concept of …

Manta rays
3 months ago

Guidelines For Swimming With Manta Rays

The magic of swimming with manta rays Swimming with manta rays (or mantas, as we affectionately love to call them) is one of the most magical, connected and rewarding experiences you could imagine.  At Samata, be it via snorkelling or diving, we’re able to facilitate the opportunity for our guests to get up close and …

why charter a private yacht in indonesia
4 months ago

Why you should consider private yacht travel in Indonesia

Experience the glory of private yacht travel in Indonesia with Samata, a 42-metre Phinisi-styled liveaboard located in the West Papua region of Southeast Asia. This kind of immersive travel experience offers adventure; the chance to reconnect to nature, yourself and loved ones and a healthy balance of splendour and simplicity.  Private yacht travel in Indonesia …

Top 5 Dive Sites in Komodo
6 months ago

Top 5 Dive Sites in Komodo

The Top 5 Dive Sites in Komodo according to Samata’s experienced diving instructors.

The best liveaboard Indonesia
6 months ago

What Makes The Best Liveaboard Indonesia Experience?

At Samata, we endeavour to provide our guests with the best liveaboard Indonesia experience possible. We aim to provide you with the kind of memories that last a lifetime. The only constant in this world is change and with Indonesia’s vast, natural, beauty at our fingertips – every minute of every day presents an opportunity …

4 weeks ago


On a recent voyage, Samata’s cruise director Michael Click and guests explored the following three dive sites in the Guraici Islands of Indonesia.

conservation cruise
1 month ago

What Does A Conservation Cruise Itinerary Look Like?

A number of times each year, Samata teams up with local NGOs or businesses to offer its resources in support of environmental conservation work. Guests may book a conservation cruise and take their vacation to the next level.