The Incredible Beaches of Raja Ampat

The Incredible Beaches of Raja Ampat

Beaches of Raja Ampat

Everyone loves a beautiful beach. Luckily for us, Indonesia boasts an amazing variety of incredible beaches. In Raja Ampat, one of our favourite cruising grounds, there is a seemingly endless supply of white sand. If beaches are your thing, then cruising Raja Ampat aboard the Samata Luxury Yacht is your dream holiday!

Raja Ampat is the jewel of Indonesia. With hundreds of karst islands spread over 70,000 square kilometers, this is the ultimate cruising destination. Karst is another word for limestone, a soft, white rock that produces beautiful white sand. Although many of the islands in the archipelago feature the classic mushroom shape of limestone islands, there are many beautiful beaches in the area.   The best beaches are located in the north and central areas of Raja with the southern Misool area also home to a variety of stunning locations.

Wayag Lagoon

One of the most famous destinations in Indonesia is the beautiful Wayag lagoon. Wayag is a small protected area with dozens of small islands surrounded by deep blue sea. Inside the lagoon there is a white sand beach around every corner. Some are ringed by beautiful coral gardens that are perfect for snorkelling. Others have soft, silky sand that starts on land and continues into the depths, offering a very convenient approach by boat or paddle board.

In the Dampier Strait area,  there are well known sand spits famous with the Instagram crowd. However, with this fame on social media, there are often too many people looking for the perfect selfie. The Samata crew know the less well trodden paths which offer brilliant white, sandy beaches well away from the social set. These are often accompanied by wonderful snorkelling spots and are the perfect spot for a beach BBQ.

Beaches of Raja Ampat Dampier

The Misool area is a vast expanse with possibly the prettiest views in the area. Stunning cliffs overlook a myriad of small islands, lagoons, and coves. There are dozens of small, white sand beaches, some of which are always accessible and others only visible at low tide. Locations such as Daram and Yilliet are home to otherworldly soft sand, perfect for beach combing or suntanning.

Explore the Beaches of Raja Ampat with Samata

The Samata is well equipped with toys to play on the water as well as on the beach. We are happy to host a lunch or dinner on the beach during every trip. The sand in Raja Ampat is some of the softest in all of Indonesia. There is nothing like the feel of sand on your toes while eating a luxurious meal served by your own private chef!

Snorkelling the Beaches of Raja Ampat

We look forward to introducing you to the best beaches that Raja Ampat has to offer. We are happy to discuss all of your requests and favourite activities during the booking process. Please let us know your preferences and we look forward to creating your dream trip aboard a luxury yacht!

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