Month: August 2020
Indonesian Cuisine
2 months ago

Indonesian Spice – Local Flavors

Indonesia has a long association with exotic spices. The search for the home of eastern spices was one of the key triggers to European exploration of the world. In fact, it was the search for spices that led to Columbus reaching the Americas. The history of Indonesia is deeply intertwined with the insatiable desire of …

Semi Circle Angelfish
3 months ago

Angelfish – Spectacular Coral Reef Fish

Everyone loves swimming in the tropical ocean. Acres of healthy hard and soft corals and thousands of colorful fish add to the beauty of the ocean. Although everyone loves looking at coral, the fish are the real stars of the show. Big fish like sharks and rays are often on the top of everyone’s “encounter …

Vaccination Crew
3 months ago

Samata Crew Vaccination Program

The Samata is happy to announce that the Indonesian Covid vaccination program is in full effect. Indonesia is taking great measures to vaccinate their population as quickly as possible. With a large population of over 200 million people this will take time, however, they are making great strides. One of the key industries being earmarked …