Month: June 2020
Makassar Reef Sandbank
2 years ago

Bucket List Dive Site – Makassar Reef

Makassar Reef consists of a series of small atolls and islands in the Komodo National Park. Located in the middle of the Lintah Strait, this low lying island complex features one of the most exciting dive sites in the world. However, there is more than just diving when it comes to this unique destination. Manta …

Moyo Waterfalls
2 years ago

Moyo Island – Destination Spotlight

Moyo is a small island located in the north west of Sumbawa. Strategically situated between Komodo and Bali, Moyo is a popular destination for cruising. With stunning coral reefs, waterfalls, and a friendly populace, Moyo offers a little something for everyone. Located at the north end of Saleh Bay in western Sumbawa, Moyo is approximately …

Exciting Adventure
2 years ago

Bali Exciting Adventures

Bali Exciting Adventures! Bali is a well known paradise island. Travelers from near and far come to Indonesia specifically to explore the “Island of the Gods”. Our guests on Samata love to spend time on this incredible island before or after a cruise. The island is well known for its ancient culture and innumerable temples …