Month: April 2020
Manta Ray
1 month ago

Magic Mountain – Bucket List Dive Site

One of our favorite activities aboard the private luxury yacht Samata is scuba diving. We are based in one of the world’s finest scuba diving locations, Indonesia. Throughout this vast country there are a number of dive sites that are considered “bucket list” dives. One of our favorites is the aptly named “Magic Mountain” in …

Green Sea Turtle
1 month ago

Encountering Endangered Sea Turtles

Encountering a sea turtle is one of the most exciting encounters for any marine enthusiast. These long lived and gentle creatures are found throughout tropical and temperate seas of the world. There are seven species of sea turtle on Earth and six of them are found in Indonesian waters. The leatherback, green, olive ridley, flatback, …

Raja Ampat Panorama
2 months ago

Raja Ampat Panoramic Viewpoints

Indonesia is a vast, beautiful country with a vast variety of landscape. From the volcanic islands of Nusa Tenggara and Java to the rich jungles of Kalimantan, every island is different. In coastal areas the mix of lush green landscapes and bright blue water is always inspirational. Perhaps the most impressive place where trees meet …