Wofoh Island – Beautiful Anchorage

Raja Ampat is a large area. With hundreds of islands spread over more than 60,000 square kilometers, it offers boundless vistas. There are three distinct cruising areas in Raja: the north, central, and south. All areas offer beautiful anchorages with ample activities such as diving, snorkeling, and paddling. One of our favorite anchorages is the island of Wofoh in the northern area of Raja Ampat.

Wofoh Islands
Wofoh Islands

Wofoh is a collection of small islands a few miles south of Aljui Bay in western Waigeo. The main islands feature two beautiful beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling. The coral reef here is healthy and shallow and offers incredible snorkeling opportunities in calm water. The southern end of the island is home to one of the prettiest coral reefs in all of Raja Ampat. Thousands of fish swarm the shallows and there are several swim throughs that swimmers can explore.

Wofoh Activities

Diving is one of the favourite activities in Wofoh. There are several sites in the islands that are appropriate for divers of any level. The western side features a steep wall adorned with sea fans and soft corals. The southern side is where the wall meets the coral reef. The deeper area is alive with schools of fusiliers and surgeon fish. A small cave at 12 meters is the home of a wobbegong shark that is always waiting patiently for small fish to swim too close. The eastern side is home to a sloping coral reef with healthy coral and the occasional black tip shark or hawksbill turtle.

Hard Corals Wofoh
Hard Corals Wofoh

Night diving is an interesting activity at Wofoh. The sandy slope off the east coast of the northern island offers an easy and safe dive. It features sandy slopes with large bommies that are home to sheltering fish and the predators that are hunting them. The best thing about this dive is the lack of current and the shallow depths so it’s a wonderful place for those who may be nervous of night diving.

Explore Wofoh by Kayak

The eastern side of Wofoh is worth exploring with a paddle board or kayak. Tall limestone cliffs hide several interesting ravines that are only accessible by kayak. The eastern side of the islands features several accessible beaches and low lying areas which are home to delightful plants and bird sounds. The early morning is a great time to explore the area while the wind is low and before the heat of the day.

Wofoh Kayak
Exploring by Kayak

The Beaches of Wofoh

There are two beautiful white sand beaches in Wofoh. The southern island beach is the perfect location during low tide. The soft white sand offers an easy entrance after snorkeling the wonderful reef. There is enough room here to spend a few hours relaxing with a book after a hard day of having fun. The north island beach is larger and offers more space for a beach setup. This beach is the perfect place to set up a few chairs and enjoy a sunset cocktail before heading back to the Samata for a home cooked evening meal.

Wofoh Beaches
Beach at Wofoh

Raja Ampat is one of our favorite cruising destinations. We are sure you will love exploring this vast and beautiful area aboard the Samata private yacht. If you would like more information about Wofoh and cruising Raja Ampat then please feel free to contact us today.

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