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Green Sea Turtle
1 month ago

Encountering Endangered Sea Turtles

Encountering a sea turtle is one of the most exciting encounters for any marine enthusiast. These long lived and gentle creatures are found throughout tropical and temperate seas of the world. There are seven species of sea turtle on Earth and six of them are found in Indonesian waters. The leatherback, green, olive ridley, flatback, …

Raja Ampat Panorama
1 month ago

Raja Ampat Panoramic Viewpoints

Indonesia is a vast, beautiful country with a vast variety of landscape. From the volcanic islands of Nusa Tenggara and Java to the rich jungles of Kalimantan, every island is different. In coastal areas the mix of lush green landscapes and bright blue water is always inspirational. Perhaps the most impressive place where trees meet …

Mating Dance
2 months ago

Bird Watching Indonesia – Birds of Paradise

Did you know that many of the tourists who travel to Indonesia (outside of Bali) come for one of two reasons? One group are the scuba divers and the second group are birders! Birders (or Twitchers as they are often called) are an adventurous group of people who love tracking their favorite animals. Of course …