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Moray Eel and Shrimp
8 months ago

Moray Eel – Animal Spotlight

Is there a more misunderstood animal in the world than the moray eel? These serpentine like marine creatures suffer from an undeserved negative reputation among the human populace. Of course there is no real reason for this bad reputation other than boasting sharp teeth and a breathing problem. Let’s delve into why the moray eel …

Satonda Island
9 months ago

Satonda Island – Destination Spotlight

One of our more popular cruises involves visiting the northern coast of Sumbawa. Sumbawa is a large island situated directly west of Komodo. During a Bali to Komodo cruise we visit several areas in Sumbawa including the very interesting Satonda Island. Satonda Island is a small ancient volcano situated approximately three kilometers to the north …

Makassar Reef Sandbank
10 months ago

Bucket List Dive Site – Makassar Reef

Makassar Reef consists of a series of small atolls and islands in the Komodo National Park. Located in the middle of the Lintah Strait, this low lying island complex features one of the most exciting dive sites in the world. However, there is more than just diving when it comes to this unique destination. Manta …