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Snorkelling in Komodo Manta
4 weeks ago

Snorkelling in Komodo National Park

Unique Snorkelling in Komodo National Park   Snorkeling in Komodo National Park is one of the most exciting activities in Indonesia. Although dragons and scuba diving garner the headlines, snorkelling in Komodo is a world-class attraction.  What makes snorkelling in this area unique? What will I see while snorkelling in Komodo? Is snorkeling a safe …

Family Adventure
1 month ago

Ideal Family Adventure – A Private Yacht

Ideal Family Adventure – A Private Luxury Yacht   The most celebrated holidays are ones that the entire family can enjoy. When it comes to a dream family adventure vacation, nothing compares to a week in a tropical paradise. Warm seas and sunny skies are the perfect antidotes to the daily grind. To truly take …

3 months ago


On a recent voyage, Samata’s cruise director Michael Click and guests explored the following three dive sites in the Guraici Islands of Indonesia.