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Misool Foundation Beach
6 days ago

Misool Foundation – Conservation in Action

Conservation in Action the Misool Foundation The Misool Foundation – Conservation is something that we are all interested in. Nature is a fragile thing and it’s important to protect our wild places throughout the world. The Samata is happy to support many conservation based projects throughout Indonesia. We work with organizations throughout the region on …

2 weeks ago

Orangutan – Wise Old Man of the Jungle

Have you heard about the “Wise Old Man of the Jungle?” He lives in the trees and has a kindly old face. His gentle eyes belie a fierce physical strength, yet he is gentle by nature. He lives alone in the tree tops in Indonesia and sustains himself on a diet of fruit. Do you …

3 weeks ago

Humphead Wrasse – Incredible Underwater Encounters

Incredible Underwater Encounters – The Humphead Wrasse Have you ever encountered a Humphead Wrasse? This beautiful fish is one of the biggest fish found on tropical reefs. The only bigger reef fish are a couple of different species of grouper. This giant green fish is known by different common names throughout the world such as …