Samata Crew Vaccination Program

The Samata is happy to announce that the Indonesian Covid vaccination program is in full effect. Indonesia is taking great measures to vaccinate their population as quickly as possible. With a large population of over 200 million people this will take time, however, they are making great strides.

Crew Vaccination Cards
Crew with Vaccination Cards

One of the key industries being earmarked for vaccines are those in the tourism industry. As everyone knows, the tourism industry has been hit harder than most since the beginning of the pandemic. We are proud to say that the crew and management of the Samata are at the forefront of the vaccination drive. All of our staff have now had at least their first shot and the vast majority are double vaccinated.

Vaccination Center
Vaccine Center in Bali

We are happy about the speed and efficiency that the Indonesian government is undertaking this massive task. The faster that everyone can receive the vaccination means the borders can open. We are truly looking forward to welcoming back our guests in the near future. The health and safety of all of our guests is of utmost importance. This means presenting a clean and safe environment for them on the Samata. Vaccination of the crew is only the first step! Rest assured that work place safety and hygiene will continue to be our highest priority in the future. We can’t wait to welcome you back to wonderful Indonesia!

Proud Vaccinated Crew of Samata
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