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Conservation in Action the Misool Foundation

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The Misool Foundation – Conservation is something that we are all interested in. Nature is a fragile thing and it’s important to protect our wild places throughout the world. The Samata is happy to support many conservation based projects throughout Indonesia. We work with organizations throughout the region on different projects such as tagging thresher sharks and manta rays. Many of the areas the Samata visits are home to marine protected areas and national parks. We certainly see the difference that a well looked after marine protected area makes to the environment. Fish life thrives, not only in the MPA itself, but the surrounding areas as well. That is why we have a great relationship with the Misool Eco Resort.

Where is Misool?

Located in the southern end of Raja Ampat, Misool Eco is a privately owned resort that opened in 2008. What makes them special is their tireless work with conservation efforts through their Misool Foundation. As part of their model, they have leased 300,000 acres worth of the surrounding area for protection. They employ a full time team of local ranger who patrol the area. Over the past 12 years they have all but eradicated destructive fishing habits in the area and contributed to educating the local populace about plastic recycling and conservation.

The impact of their efforts is easy to see. The boom in population of reef sharks, mantas, and large schools of fish is noticeable. The frequency of shark encounters now as compared to our first visits in 2009 is easy to see. Of course we would love to see their efforts continue. The resort also limits the numbers of divers on sites throughout the year by organizing the logistics of every dive boat that enters their zone. This means divers can enjoy their dives in relative privacy as well as never putting too much pressure on the reef at one time.

How Can You Help Protect It?

Misool Foundation Turtle

The patrols and conservation projects are funded directly by the Misool Foundation, in partnership with the resort. Their funding comes from a portion of proceeds from the resort as well as direct donations and grants. At this time, due to the closure of tourism throughout the world, it’s difficult to fund all of their programs. However, individuals and organizations throughout the world can make donations. This link goes directly to their funding page where anyone can help aid the preservation of this beautiful part of the planet. Any amount helps, whether large or small. Let’s not forget about nature and wildlife during these times and help safeguard it for the future.

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