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The Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is famous the world over and is even listed as one of the new “7 Natural Wonders of the World”. It’s one of our favorite cruising destinations as it offers a large variety of amazing activities. Cruising the Park on a private yacht is an opportunity of a lifetime that few get to experience. Let us explain a little more in detail about this incredible destination.

Komodo National Park


The History of the Komodo National Park

The main islands in the park, Komodo and Rinca, are home to the remnants of extinct volcanoes. There are 3 main islands (Komodo, Rinca, and Padar) plus 26 smaller ones. The native people of Komodo originate from the neighbouring Sumbawa island.  Legend has it they are descendants of people who were sent to Komodo Island as a penalty for crimes. The fact they are still going strong shows what a resourceful people they are! With four small towns spread throughout the islands, the current population are a mix of migrants from South Sulawesi, Flores, and Sumbawa. The current population within the Park numbers approximately 4000 people.

Little was known of the islands by outsiders until the early 1900s. In 1912, the Dutch government of the area surveyed the islands and discovered the endemic Komodo Dragons. This led to a world wide interest in these incredible animals and unfortunately pressure was put on their populations for hunting and zoos. Thankfully the local government understands the importance of these animals and they enjoy protection under national law.

Many areas and species in the park have had protection as early as the 1930s, it became an official National Park in 1980. The creation of the park was originally an act to protect the dragons but the scope has grown to include everything within the boundaries. The marine life now enjoys as much protection under law as the dragons.

Cruising the Islands

The Komodo National Park enjoys a unique geographical setting as it occupies the zone where the Pacific and Indian oceans meet. This creates an incredible mix of marine life within a relatively small area. We love to introduce our guests to both oceans and show them the subtle differences between the two. The large islands offer a variety of wonderful and protected bays that are perfect for anchoring. We know all of the best private spots offering a variety of activities as well as a good nights rest.

With around 1000 species of fish, the Komodo area is the ultimate destination for snorkelers and divers. There are more than 50 dive sites to choose from, ranging from coral gardens to advanced drift dives. One of our favourite activities is scuba diving with manta rays, turtles, and big schools of fish. If we are lucky we even find the occasional dugong or dolphin.

Enter the Dragon

Komodo DragonOf course no cruise in Komodo National Park is complete without visiting the dragons. It’s possible to see them in the wild from time to time along a deserted stretch of beach. However, the best way to see these prehistoric creatures is to visit one of the ranger stations. There are two main stations, one in Komodo and one in Rinca, and both offer incredible dragon encounters. At each location we offer nature walks with the Park Rangers. These hard working individuals have a wealth of knowledge on all the flora and fauna found in the park. Although we often see the dragons on the nature walk, our best encounters are usually at the park headquarters. Other animal encounters include the Timor deer, water buffalo, macaques, wild pigs, a variety of birds, and even a few species of snake.

Join Us

The Komodo National Park is accessible all year round. The islands offer great protection from the elements and boast beautiful beaches throughout. Nature walks, panoramic looks outs, and wonderful encounters with nature are only a few of the available adventures. If you would like to experience this unique destination in 2021 please contact us to discuss the perfect itinerary. Our private cruises are perfect for family or small group adventures. We are happy to work with you to create the ultimate itinerary to meet your every need.

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