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Getting Off the Beaten Track in West Komodo

West Komodo

Komodo National Park is famous the world over for its incredible dragons. Thousands of people visit the area each year to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest reptile. Of course with fame, the Park does attract a lot of visitors. However, many tourists in the region tend to visit the same spots day in and day out. On the Samata Luxury Yacht we prefer to blaze new trails and get off the beaten track. That is why we love West Komodo!

With any popular tourism destination, there are places that everyone has on their bucket list. But sometimes, not every bucket list destination is worth following the crowd. Instead, the Samata has spent years exploring the wild coasts of Komodo in search of pristine and untouched areas. Why spend time with others when you can have a beautiful white sand beach all to yourself!

The Wild West Komodo

The Komodo National Park is made up of 3 main islands and dozens of smaller ones. The main islands of Rinca, Padar, and, Komodo are nestled within what is known as the Lintah Strait, between the mainland of Flores and the east coast of Komodo. Many of the famous dive sites are within this area, most boats will spend their time here. However, the west coast of Komodo island, along the Sape Strait, is very quiet by comparison. Very few boats visit the “wild” coast of Komodo, which is perfect for a family getaway as it almost guarantees privacy.

West Komodo

Being on a private luxury yacht in a tropical setting, there is nothing like having a beautiful bay all to yourself. The beaches on the west side of the island are sparkling and vacant. Our favourite beach is on a small offshore island with incredible snorkeling mere steps away. The waters in these bays are sheltered, calm, and perfect for activities such as paddle boarding. For divers there are a number of world class dive sites nearby, including the famed “Ten Foot Reef.”

Of course when in Komodo, a visit to see the dragons is a must. Unlike the more popular ranger stations at Rinca and east Komodo, the west Komodo ranger station rarely has visitors. There are always 3 or 4 dragons hanging out at this station and the rangers are happy to receive visitors.

Beautiful Gili Banta

A short cruise across the Sape Strait from west Komodo lies the island of Gili Banta. This ancient volcano is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the area. The west coast of Banta has kilometres of white beaches fronted by healthy hard corals. For those with an active streak there are a few trails that are great for a climb. These trails are not for the faint of heart but do offer stunning views. The diving and snorkeling here are also some of the best in the Komodo region.

West Komodo Beach

If you are like us, you prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Why not explore the wild side of Komodo on a luxury cruise with the private yacht Samata? Once international travel becomes viable once more why not Contact Us and we can help create the perfect itinerary for you. The west coast of Komodo is the perfect place to get back to nature with your close family and friends on your own private yacht.

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