Cooking Indonesian Food

Learn to Cook Indonesian Food

One of the best things about visiting Indonesia is the opportunity to eat incredible Indonesian food. Indonesian cuisine has a never ending variety of tasty dishes that are easy to make. As Indonesia is based in South East Asia, it’s known for spicy dishes, but of course not every dish is spicy. There is a rich food tradition in the country and with over 17,000 islands, there are endless variations. Although you may not be able to visit Indonesia at present, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn to cook Indonesian food!

Indonesian Food

As many folks are taking this time to learn new skills, cooking is a popular choice. The internet has thousands of videos of people making home made bread and cakes. Cooking channels on YouTube and other sources are booming. Many people are joining in and learning to cook old favorites and comfort food, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Why not try to cook something a little bit different?

Famous food from Indonesia includes favorites such as Gado-Gado, Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Beef Rendang, Pisang Goreng, and many more. Our culinary team regularly serve up these dishes to our guests to much acclaim. As we operate with an open kitchen plan, guests interact with our chef in order to learn how he cooks. He is always happy to demonstrate the preparation and ingredients needed to cook any meal. Of course we offer more than just Indonesian food, our team prepares a variety of favourites from around the world. If you are interested in learning more about Indonesian cuisine, a great option for your next holiday in Indonesia is to take part in an Indonesian cooking class. The island of Bali offers many options for cooking classes throughout the island.

Indonesian FoodCook Indonesian Food at Home

Many of our repeat guests always yearn to taste their favorite local dishes when they return to the Samata. Although our team can’t prepare it for you during this time, don’t let this stop you from trying it at home. A great resource during this time is YouTube. There are dozens of channels on this amazing platform that feature Indonesian cooking. Although many are in the Indonesian language, there are English speaking tutorials as well.

Here is a recipe for delicious sambal, the traditional spicy dip.

Here is a great recipe for Nasi Goreng, Indonesian fried rice.

Incredible curry, Beef Rendang

During these difficult times it’s easy to bring back fond memories from fun holidays. Food is one of the highlights of a great holiday and Indonesian food is no exception. With so many natural flavors to discover, why not try an Indonesian dish for dinner tonight?


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