Beautiful Beaches Indonesia

Everyone loves the beach. For many people, their idea of the perfect holiday is spending hours on a deserted beach with a warm tropical sea to swim in. Thankfully, with 17,000 islands to choose from, Indonesia has a lot of beaches! From white sand, to black sand, and even pink sand, there is always a beautiful beach nearby. The Samata cruises throughout the country and knows many of the best beaches. The key to a great beach is not necessarily one with the longest shoreline or softest sand. In fact, many of the world’s most famous beaches don’t make the list of “top beaches” simply due to the fact there are too many people visiting. We believe the best beaches are the private ones where you may have it all to yourself to enjoy with friends and family.

Beautiful Beaches Kei
Kei Islands

What makes a beach great?

The best beaches require a few things in order to be amazing. The first is easy access. No matter how beautiful a beach might be, if it requires swimming into it through giant waves then it won’t be a lot of fun. The second is a beach with soft sand and limited shells or rocks. The ability to walk along the beach and feel the sand in your toes is always a positive. The third is that the beach is high enough from the water line that the sand is there throughout the day. No matter how beautiful a beach is, if it disappears at high tide it loses its luster. The fourth is access to wonderful snorkeling opportunities. It gets hot on the beach and jumping into the ocean offers the best form or refreshment. Add in colorful corals and plenty of fish and you have the perfect combination. Of course the final requirement is having the beach all to yourself! No one wants to navigate a crowd of people while relaxing on the beach.

Beautiful Beaches Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat

Where are the best beaches?

There are many provinces and regions throughout Indonesia. The best beaches are often found away from larger land masses. In fact, some of the best beaches in the country are often on isolated islands far from anywhere. Our choice of favorites range from the Komodo area in the west to West Papua in the east. The island of Banta, just west of Komodo, is ringed by beautiful white sand beaches. Although the islands in Komodo boast many beautiful beaches, several of them suffer from a dragon population! An angry dragon can ruin a wonderful day at the beach. Therefore, we love to take our guests to both Banta and Padar which boast white sand beaches and incredible corals.

Further east, the Kei Islands are home to amazing beaches and sand banks. This area is the “Forgotten Islands” of Indonesia and doesn’t see a lot of tourism. Based on the eastern edge of the Banda Sea, the blue waters of this deep ocean are thriving with fish. The small islands are home to a very small population and beautiful white beaches are everywhere.

Banta Beautiful Beaches
Banta Island

West Papua Beaches

West Papua is a large area. However, the beaches are not on the mainland but rather on the myriad of small islands that surround its coast. Areas such as Raja Ampat and Cendrawasih Bay are home to hundreds of islands with beautiful reefs. Raja Ampat features karst limestone islands which create beautiful beaches. However, due to the topography of the islands there are very few “all tide” beaches.

One area that is home to several beautiful beaches is Wayag Lagoon in the northern end of the archipelago. This shallow lagoon is a great anchorage to spend several days and home to silky white sand. The sand here as amazingly soft and the beaches offer both shade and wonderful swimming opportunities in a protected lagoon.

Wayag Beautiful Beaches
Wayag Lagoon

Other amazing beaches in West Papua can be found in the large Cendrawasih Bay. The islands here are isolated from the mainland and feature wonderfully clear water. Dozens of small islands dot the landscape and the beaches are inviting. The best thing about them is the lack of people for miles in any direction.

Join us on a Cruise

If you are a beach lover then Indonesia is the perfect destination for you. We love to spend the day on the beach and we can’t wait to show you our world class beaches. We have a full compliment of accessories and if the weather suits a BBQ on the beach is a must. Please join us on the Samata Luxury Yacht for an intimate experience exploring the beaches of Indonesia.

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