Beaches in Indonesia

The beach is a place we all dream about for our tropical holidays. Nothing says “on holiday” more than spending time on a beautiful sunny beach! Of course the best way to find a wonderful beach is by boat. With over 17,000 islands to choose from, Indonesia is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.

White sand in Komodo

On the Samata Luxury Yacht we specialize in private family cruises. What better way to explore a new and fascinating destination than on your own yacht for 10 days? Our well trained staff are there for all of your needs each day. One of our most popular requests from our guests is to spend time on a deserted beach. This is a request we are only too happy to oblige! Our regular cruising routes through Komodo, Flores, the Banda Sea, and Raja Ampat boast some of the most stunning beaches in the world. The best thing about them is that they are all so different. Indonesia has a wide variety ranging from white sand, black sand, and even pink sand!

White sand beaches
White Sand in West Papua

How are beaches formed?

Sand is basically billions of small rocks and corals, the colour of the sand is influenced by the local rock and coral. As Indonesia is home to many volcanoes, there are black sand beaches in several areas. Bali for example, is home to a large variety of black sand stretches along its coast. Of course the black sand doesn’t give the sense of awe and beauty that a white sand beach does.

White sand consists of broken down limestone (coral) that are found throughout tropical regions. Most of the world’s most famous and stunning beaches are made from white sand. In certain areas of Indonesia, such as Komodo, it’s possible to find pink colored sand. The pink hues of the beach come from a large level of a specific red colored marine organisms. The sand is mainly white with a stunning pinkish tinge. You can learn more about the pink sand of Komodo here. To learn more about how sand forms NOAA gives a great explanation.

Pink Sand Beach
Pink Sand in Komodo

Where are the best beaches in Indonesia?

The best beaches are ones that are empty of people. With a large and comfortable yacht such as the Samata, we often sail away from civilization to find the perfect isolated islands without people. Eastern Indonesia is home to hundreds of small islands with nary a soul on them. Some of our favorite beaches are ringed by incredible coral reefs that are perfect for snorkeling. Others have an endless expanse of sand that makes it so easy to play in the water and have fun with the family. Our favorites spots encompass beautiful areas in Raja Ampat, Komodo, and the remote islands of the Banda Sea.

Island with Beaches Raja Ampat
White sand beaches in Raja Ampat

Our crew are always happy to set up chairs and umbrellas on the beach for a comfortable day on land. The kids will love playing with a variety of toys and games that we keep on board. We can even set up a BBQ or sunset cocktails on the beach for a truly special experience aboard the Samata. There is nothing quite like sitting with your toes in the sand, listening to the gentle sounds of the ocean as the sky paints a masterpiece in front of you.

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