Month: May 2021
Banded Sea Krait
1 month ago

Sea Snakes – Misunderstood Species?

There are very few inhabitants of the ocean that garner as much of a reaction as a sea snake. As per their land cousins, most people have an instant reaction of fright when spotting a sea snake. For some reason, snakes inspire a primal fear in people who encounter them. This fear is carried over …

Panoramic Komodo National Park Padar
2 months ago

Panoramic Views Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is perhaps best known for its incredible marine life and the iconic dragons. Diving and snorkeling brings you face to face with amazing healthy corals and abundant fish life. A walk through the park with a ranger will bring you a close encounter with Komodo dragons. However, one of the most …

Sangeang Samata
2 months ago

Sangeang Island Volcano

Indonesia is a part of what is known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. This refers to a belt of convergence and subduction zones of the planetary plates. These zones are where the Earth’s volcanoes are located and where the vast majority of earthquakes occur. We won’t get into a discussion of plate tectonics here …