Month: May 2020
Nyepi Parade
3 months ago

Nyepi – Unique Balinese Holiday

Many people around the world celebrate religious ceremonies and festivals. Different religions have holy days they mark with a variety of traditions. Many of these are similar throughout the world such as Christmas for Christians. The celebrations of Christmas and New Years Eve are similar throughout many countries. However, many people throughout the world boast …

Wofoh Anchorage
3 months ago

Wofoh Island – Beautiful Anchorage

Raja Ampat is a large area. With hundreds of islands spread over more than 60,000 square kilometers, it offers boundless vistas. There are three distinct cruising areas in Raja: the north, central, and south. All areas offer beautiful anchorages with ample activities such as diving, snorkeling, and paddling. One of our favorite anchorages is the …

Banta Split Photo
4 months ago

Banta Island – Destination Spotlight

Everyone knows the Komodo National Park, a vast protected area off the western end of Flores. Although there are many amazing encounters to be had in the park, it’s not the only area of interest nearby. The island of Banta lies midway between Komodo island and Sumbawa and is a destination all its own. Banta …