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Wayag Lagoon
9 hours ago

Wayag Peaks – Adventurous Views

When heading out on an adventure, there is always a climax to look forward to. In Indonesia, we are blessed with so many adventures to explore there is always a new one around every corner. In Raja Ampat, it’s hard to choose the climax of adventure as every activity in the area is so impressive. …

Baby Clown Fish
2 weeks ago

Anemones – More Than Nemo’s Home

Have you ever encountered an anemone underwater? You know, the tentacle filled home of everyones’ favourite fish Nemo. Although clown fish get most of the attention, anemones are pretty darn interesting too! In this article, we look a little deeper into this fascinating marine animal. Anemones – In All Oceans There are more than 1000 …

The Crossing
3 weeks ago

Line Crossing – Equator Facts

Although it’s invisible, the equator is an important part of the Earth. It marks the circumference of the planet, the longest circle around the globe. As it lies halfway between the north and south poles, it marks the boundary of the northern and southern hemispheres. It’s marked as 0 degrees latitude and measures 40,075 kilometers …