Our Guests

Those whom have ventured into the Indonesian archipelago and experienced an adventure through one of the world’s most exceptional marine areas, aboard an extraordinary Phinisi cruiser. Our very own Samata Luxury Yacht. They have witnessed the Komodo dragon in its natural habitat and gone diving in the pristine waters of the Flores Sea. Navigated their way around the isle of Raja Ampat and been extraordinarily captivated by the beauty of this nook of the earth.

They are, our guests. These are, their thoughts.

A Wonderful Taste of Samata

A Wonderful taste of Indonesia – Samata Luxury Yacht Guest Review.

We’d like to express our appreciation for your professionalism and warm hospitality – Thank you to Mike and each member of his great view who kept us safe, and did everything possible to give us a wonderful taste of what it’s like to live in this beautiful part of the world.

We feasted and were treated like absolute royalty. It was a memorable experience and I hope we can join you ALL sometime in the future. With our blessings and gratitude.

Jack & Chandana Denz, 6-13 November 2013

To discover more about our All-inclusive luxury yacht sailing the Indonesian Archipelago, you can uncover our voyages and what is involved in the nightly rate here.

Diving Paradise Komodo

Diving Paradise Komodo – Samata Luxury Yacht Guest Review.

3 days of diving near Komodo. The crew of the Samata were incredible. The living quarters were beautiful and the food was amazing! Would absolutely do it all again.

Kristina Lee – September 13, 2015

Allow us to take you on a journey through Komodo and everything that makes this place totally unique and spectacular. An island with a fantastic diversity of activities to awaken the adventurous spirit. Whether it’s climbing to the summit of volcanoes, trekking up to beautiful waterfalls, visiting rural villages, or enjoying world-class scuba diving, Komodo offers something for everyone. Welcome onboard your spectacular Komodo Voyage with Samata. 

5 Stars for Luxurious Samata

5 Stars for Luxurious Samata – Samata Luxury Yacht Guest Review.

Fantastic trip on Samata. So sorry to leave. Great diving. Amazing crew and very patient divemasters. Heikki and Tristan. Had a ball and would definitely love to go again.

Rosemary Wright Jackson – July 25, 2017
From the heights of remote volcanic islands to the depths of the crystal clear turquoise reefs, Indonesia has something for all. To discover more information on our diving, and on exploring Indonesia, click here. 

Perfect Raja Ampat Voyage Samata

Perfect Raja Ampat Voyage – Samata Luxury Yacht Guest Review.

‘Many heartfelt thanks for a wonderful week in the sun and sea on the perfect Raja Ampat Voyage with Samata. The spectacular underwater life and land vistas were only surpassed by the fantastic food and hospitality of the wonderful crew – everyone was so warm and friendly. Thank you for many happy memories on the perfect Raja Ampat Voyage.’

Gloria & Winston – 13 November 2013

Located off the coast of West Papua, Raja Amapt is a collection of 1,500 pristine islands. To learn more about your Raja Ampat journey which voyages from December to April each year, click here to find more information. To chat to our dedicated team about your preferred dates and voyage, get in touch with us.

The Best Vacation with the Best Crew!

The Best Vacation, with the best Crew – Samata Luxury Yacht Guest Review.

‘We were honoured to be a part of this terrific adventure with all of you. You did everything you could to make our stay pleasant. We are going back to Canada with souvenirs engraved forever in our minds. Best of all, contrary to our initial intentions, the whole family tried scuba diving, thanks to Michael and Hekki’s skills and patience. The food, snorkelling, Komodo Dragons, the bats and the wonderful beach dinner contributed to this perfect vacation!

We wish you as much happiness as you have provided us during our stay.’

Desjardin Family – August 20, 2013